Monday, March 5, 2012


To: SMB's and Healthcare Agencies
From: Doug Raymond, Product Manager
Date: February 29th, 2012
Subject: New V2VIP Video Phone

Wind Currents Communication, Inc. (WCCI) is proud to announce that our V2VIP business phone service will now be available with a high-performance video phone for enabling video calling for all SMB's and healthcare agencies. This new concept is highly affordable and allows for a quick business communication solution with rich voice and video communications. There are many outcomes of our new video phone and users will experience communication in a way like never before. WCCI informs that all end-users will be able to stay in contact visually with all clients, patients, colleagues, family members, remote offices, hospitals and clinics anywhere in the world. While placing the V2VIP video phone on a desktop, users can save time, travel, and other international expense by using this video and voice over IP for visual business or tele-health communication.

Here are a few features for the new V2VIP video phone:
  • 7 inch TFT color LCD
  • Telephone jack
  • 3-way video conference
  • Voice/video message indicator
  • High fidelity full-duplex speakerphone with hearing aid compatible
  • Dual 10M/100M Ethernet ports with web browser

As stated by one of our WCCI officials in a recent press release, "V2VIP video phone eliminates the huge upfront costs and complexities in video telephony and the V2VIP service is a fully managed desk top video phone solution that allows calls to any US or Canada telephone number. Make V2VIP Internet phone service, video phones and IP phones smart affordable investments for single offices, companies and healthcare agencies to upgrade service, while slashing monthly telephone costs."

Thank you for your support of the WCCI company and may we see you with a V2VIP video phone soon!


HealthTechZone Contributor, Nathesh. "Wind Currents Communications Includes V2VIP Video Phone into Its Business Phone Service." Healthcare Technology. Ed. Jennifer Russell. 29 Feb. 2012. Web. 05 Mar. 2012. <>. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

How Can Communication Skills Boost Career Skills?

  • Knowing your audience is probably the first thing you must identify when delivering a business message. You need to know the age, gender, ethnicity, level power, relation, educational aspects, etc. This will help you in communicating the proper way in order to relay a positive and effective message to your peers.

  • Have visual aids present to allow for a full understanding of where you are coming from when delivering your message. Not only does this provide a clear and concise message to your audience, but it also shows knowledge and professionalism in what you are talking about.

  •  Make sure you speak slow and pronounce each word properly. Grammar mistakes can show that you might not have practiced enough to deliver your speech, or that you know too little about what you are saying. Speaking slow and clear will gain the respect of your audience because it shows that you know what you are talking about.

  •  Try not to use any slang terminology during your message. Keep everything simple and concise. This shows professionalism and makes you look better as a speaker. It is better to say less than to say more so keep it simple.

  • The last thing is to be confident. No one wants to hear someone that isn't prepared for what they are talking about. This means dress nicely and stand up straight when speaking. Your audience will appreciate a message delievered with confidence and enthusiasm rather then someone who is not. Use hand gestures when needed and look each person in the eyes when you are speaking. This will show that you are confident in what you are trying to tell the audience.


                                     What is appropriate attire for a business presentation?

For men, a dress shirt, tie, dress shoes, and a belt to match the shoes. When wearing a full suit, a jacket is recommended.

For women, something that covers the shoulders. Pant suits and skirts to the appropriate length are seen as the best options for workplace and presentation attire.

                                     How does effective communication benefit my career?

Knowing how to effectively communicate helps productivity on all ends. The added productivity puts you in a brighter light, which could ultimatley lead to promotions. Knowing how to communicate with various people demonstrates responsibility.
                                        How can I improve my communication skills?

The best way to learn, is to learn from those above you. Also, learning from the past is a great way to understand the future. Knowing how people have failed at communication can better prepare you how to avoid past strategies.

Another way is to keep your communication simple. It is said that it is always best to say less than more. Be clear and concise in your points. Bringing your vocabulary down to a lower level helps too.

                       What is the best form of communication in the business environment?

The best form of communication in the business world is through email. In matters of small everyday issues, email is the most versatile. It allows you to handle many tasks all in one place conveniently.

                           When should I start working on my communication skills?

Now! As soon as possible. Knowing how to communicate can be read about in books and websites; practicing these skills outside of the book is the most effective way to gain experience. The more time you have under your belt, the better chance you have at growing as a communicator.

Effective Communication Interview: Marlie Anderson

                                                            Marlie Anderson

Hometown: Paradise, California
Current Hometown: Adrian, Michigan
Full-time student at Adrian College
Class of 2014
Major: Biology
Minor: French

Marlie Anderson, who is currently a Sophomore at Adrian College, is a full-time student majoring in Biology with a minor in French. She works in the Admissions Department here at Adrian College and also teaches a Senior Seminar class at Adrian High School one day a week. Marlie is a great communicator, and when asked what the most important trait for being an effective communicator is she answered with "always smiling, being friendly, interacting with your audience, and making that person feel comfortable as possible." Marlie often demonstrates these ways of communicaton while giving tours of the campus, answering questions regarding admissions, and while teaching her seminar class.

Communication is not just about how you relay your message to a person, but also listening to them as well. Marlie believes that listening to what a person is saying will lead to a better conversation because you will be able to relate better while keeping a positive vibe with that person. Knowing your audience is also important to her as well. You always need to be prepared when it comes to who you are speaking to. Attire is her most important tip for others. The way you dress shows how you are as a person and your audience will recognize that the first time they see you.

In conclusion, Marlie's tips for being a more effective communicator are simple and to the point. She believes that practicing these simple steps will help you the next time you need to communicate effectively to others.

Monday, February 6, 2012

          Facebook v.s. Google+

Similarities between Facebook and Google+
  • Both allow ways to add people to your contact list.
  • Both sites have easy ways to uploads pictures.
  • You can have a network of people you can share events, status updates, photos and videos
  • The layout is identical.
  • Both have recommendations of friends you might want to add.

Differences between Facebook and Google+
  • For Facebook you have "friends," but for Google+ it's "circles."
  • Google+ you can view things that you only want to be seen, whereas Facebook it's the entire account settings.
  • You can "like" a page on Facebook, but for Google+ you use a "plus one" feature.
  • Google+ allows you to video chat with up to ten people. Facebook only allows a one on one chat.
  • Facebook allows for businesses to post advertisements on the Facebook page, whereas Google+ doesn't allow for this. It is a process that they are looking into currently.

Two businesses that would benefit from Google+

Places that come to mind with this benefit are the smaller businesses looking to get their name out in local cities. A good example of this is the new Wow Cafe & Wingery inside the Arrington Ice Arena here on campus. Using Google+ would allow them to establish a brand identity online. Every time a businesess is followed on Google+, it impacts search results online which show up higher in relevant search results. This benefit of Google+ would help a place like Wow Cafe to jump start their business here in the Lenawee County area.

Another business that comes to mind that would benefit immensely from Google+ is Jimmy Johns. Today, Jimmy Johns is growing into one of the top sandwich businesses in America. People are choosing Jimmy Johns more then the usual Subway or Quiznos ever since the airing of the recent commercials about their subs. With Google+, this would allow a true brand identity online that can be found by others that might not have heard of Jimmy Johns before.

Two businesses that use Facebook

Nike has almost 20 million "likes" on Facebook in regards to their products for sports, outerwear, and other appearal. Nike has used Facebook to help show new products that are soon to be released so that their followers will know what to expect once that particular item comes out. They have taken advantage of the social network that has brought many companies great success by switching to Facebook to increase profit and sales within their bussinesses around the world.

Domino's Pizza has used Facebook to their advantage in the recent years. Domino's has seen tremendous profit gains since using Facebook as a positive media link to hear feedback from their own customers in order to improve customer satisfaction. Because of this Domino's Pizza has gained recognition for taking the right steps in order to change their entire appearance, recipe, and being customer friendly by giving the people what they want when ordering a pizza.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Nonverbal Communication (Peru)

Whenever I have traveled to a foreign country, I have noticed the nonverbal communication between people are a bit different from what I'm accustom to in America. For instance, I have seen that the proper way to meet someone is by kissing both sides of the cheeks instead of a proper handshake or hug like here in America. In a way both signs of nonverbal communication seem polite and well-mannered, but to other foreigners a simple hug or handshake can come across as disrespectful and impolite. Being able to realize these things before meeting someone can benefit you in a great way to provide for a better and more comfortable experience with that person. This goes to show that people who travel to foreign countries cannot take this interpersonal communication lightly. They cannot just ignore and think everything is alright when it's really not because in the long term it can have a big impact on how that person views you as a person entirely.

                                         Lists of Nonverbal Behavior in the Midwestern United States

  • Slap on the back - a sign of encouragement and positivity.
  • Keeping distance - allowing about two to three feet of space between associates in a conversation.
  • Thumps up - means yes or good.          

                                        Lists of Nonverbal Behavior in Latin Countries

  • In Peru, shaking your head in how we see as "no," means to "come here."
  • The "OK" sign in Brazil is a vulgar term.
  • Kiss on the cheek - is common for women but men do firm hand shakes. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Air Force Innovation

Cursor On Target: Inspiring Innovation to Revolutionzie Air Force Command and Control       

         Article by Raymond Shulstad

         Blogged by Doug Raymond

            In this article by Ray Shulstad, I read about how technology impacts the ability of Air Force Command in making efficient and direct operational calls for their commanders. The innovation to revolutionize Air Force Command and Control has lead to the solution of creating a simple “cursor on target” principle developed by engineers, the industry, and operators alike. This five year innovation would prove that a vision of one person can be researched and developed into something so beneficial to air combat. Technology has a major impact on the communication process within locating enemy targets in a wide spread area then relaying that information back to the control base before ultimately firing the missiles. 

After reading this article I found out that this “cursor on target” principle would be used for fighter pilots, like the F-15. In April 2002, at the Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C2ISR) Summit, General Jumper and his 12 four-star commanders made a plea in order to integrate the machinery system within the C2ISR machines, working on the target systems, sensors, air and space operation center, and shooters. This integration will also have a system visual and audio command on when to fire. This communication is essential to the Air Force Command in order to eliminate enemy targets. General Jumper would eventually end his presentation upon saying, “the sum of all wisdom is a cursor over the target.” (Shulstad)
The little steps that the Air Force took in order to piece this entire system together would consist in this: Combining the Global Positioning System (GPS), and a compass to obtain the target coordinates and send them over the PRC-117 radio to the Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF), which would manually send the target and its coordinates over the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) into the AOC. After all this happens, the AOC would transmit the target coordinates using Link 16 to the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), and F-15, which would then attack the target. (Shulstad: Innovation)
As talked about in Chapter 1 of our book, communication within the work teams are essential to organizational success. For these fighter pilots, their communicational skills are within a work group as well with a visual of the machines operator always ready to signal and confirm when the pilot is locked on to an enemy target. If the fighter pilot is given invalid coordinates on an enemy then that could result in a failure of a direct hit.
The different strengths and usefulness of this article can be looked at in many ways. One strength about this article is how inspiring innovation like the “cursor on target” can allow for extraordinary benefits and results at little cost. With an expert in air attack like General Jumper, his insight and demand on his organization for innovation can help his work team in coming up with innovative solutions. The usefulness of the article can hopefully inspire those organizations like the Air Force in having the vision to benefit their research and development within a certain area of the group.
Success can also come with failure as well, and that is true for all organizations willing to take the risk for their ultimate achievement. In creating a new system like General Jumper, the thought of failure is always a thought. One wrong systematical failure can result possibly in the loss of life of a pilot. The other innovations within the firing system for the F-15 can all relate to one thing and that is to get the job done correctly. Everything that happens before the missile is even fired depends on communication with the pilot and the control base. This communication can relate well to what we have learned in class so far about how decision making is a process that is taken sometimes by more than one person. Yes decision making is done much faster within air attack but the whole process is similar to how it’s used in everyday business organizations today.
This article definitely made me realize how technology is always improving year after year. The Air Force continually uses the best technology in order to protect their men and women that go into battle. It amazes me how someone can vision these things with their minds and then research and development it. The technological advancement within the armed forces reminds us how powerful America is when it comes to creating and developing the best for its personnel.  The Air Force and its new communication scheme with their fighter pilots and control base has other organizations now finding more ways in order to be more innovative within their companies research and development as well.


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